SATs (KS2) Maths 2018 Paper 3: Reasoning

Video Solutions

SATs (KS2) Maths 2018 Paper 3: Reasoning contains video tutorials of all 21 questions and downloadable blank and fully completed exam papers allowing you to do your own mock exams at home including marking your own paper.

Results in each test were reported using a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 represents the expected standard for each test. If a student gets a scaled score of 100 or more it means they are working at or above the expected standard in the subject. If a student gets a scaled score of less than 100 it means that they may need more support to reach the expected standard.

A scaled score of 100 represents 60 marks out of a possible 110 on these three mathematics papers.

Students should work through every question, showing clear workings as incorrect answers can still receive method marks. They should make full use of the squared paper given with some questions by writing one digit in each square. Calculators are not allowed in these KS2 tests so clear knowledge of the multiplication tables is vital, as is a clear approach to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students need to read the information carefully before attempting the question.

Paper 1 is the Arithmetic paper and Papers 2 and 3 are Reasoning papers.


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