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We firmly believe numeracy and literacy are the two most important subjects for students to master, both at KS2 level and GCSE.

Research clearly shows the value of success in these two areas to many ranges of life outcomes – levels of further education, employment opportunities, and income potential to name a few.

Unfortunately, more than half of students fail to gain a “strong pass” (grade 5 or above) in both their English and Maths exams, and over a third of students do not achieve a pass grade (4) at all. Resitting Maths and English GCSE is compulsory if students do not receive a pass grade.

While education in the classroom is the primary source for ensuring success in numeracy and literacy, many students benefit from additional help outside the classroom, whether to reinforce existing learning, study new topics at a slower pace, or improve exam techniques. This has traditionally been provided through private tuition, which, while excellent at improving outcomes, is unaffordable for most families.

For this reason, we have made it our mission to democratise access to top quality tuition at very low cost for these two critical, core subjects: English and Maths, in order to improve exam and life outcomes for all children.


Our industry leading Maths content is built on a foundation of expert tutor videos, showing explanations to each question in full, clear detail.


Our English content is in the format of rich workbooks for students, parents and teachers to use to work through the core curriculum areas covered in GCSE and KS2 exams.

Update: we will soon be adding rich video tutorials and practice materials to our English content – check back soon!


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