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“SchoolExams.co.uk’s primary goal is to level the playing field and make the benefit of private tuition available to all children, not just the elite.”

Eddy Chan, Founder

About SchoolExams.co.uk

SchoolExams.co.uk has been conceived and designed to enable children and adults alike to practise previous exam papers for GCSE and SATs (KS2). We exclusively feature 11+ papers created for SchoolExams.co.uk by Patricia Warner, who marks and sets questions officially for 11+ exams. SchoolExams.co.uk has also commissioned English revision material for SATs (KS2), 11+ and GCSE from ex-examiners who outline the skills and techniques required to achieve maximum success.

On the website you can view expert walkthroughs for Maths GCSE, SATs (KS2) and 11+. We offer unique video and animation walkthroughs of each and every question. Clear and easy to follow solutions to show you how to achieve that perfect 100% score, with top tips and the common errors to avoid.

The closest experience currently available anywhere online which replicates the home tutor experience.
No registration is required, just select your chosen level and gain access to all our material for FREE. You have access to not only the individual video walkthroughs but also to both a blank and a completed exam paper. This allows you to easily sit your own exams once you have followed the walkthrough and then grade yourself against the completed papers.

It is the aim of SchoolExams.co.uk to be the definitive website of choice for the public to access practise exam papers in the United Kingdom.

For enquiries: info@schoolexams.co.uk