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“At SchoolExams.co.uk we want to make top quality exam revision accessible to all children. With our Smarter Learning videos and materials, every child now has the opportunity to get the very best marks they can.”

Eddy Chan, Founder

About SchoolExams.co.uk

SchoolExams.co.uk provides top quality, online exam revision to help every child achieve their full exam potential across SATs, 11+ and GCSE. We have an ever growing library of past paper revision material (including questions, answers and explanatory videos) that is created by the very same people who set and mark these exams.

Our exclusive material is fully focused on past papers, including the skills and techniques required to achieve maximum success. Our current and ex-examiners are uniquely qualified to create this highly valuable material. Clear and easy to follow solutions to show you how to achieve that perfect 100% score, with top tips and the common errors to avoid.

All of the core revision material on our website – including questions, answers and videos – is available free of charge and without registration. This allows you to easily sit your own exams once you have followed the walkthrough video and then grade yourself against the completed papers.
At SchoolExams.co.uk, our aim is to become the go-to resource for all children, parents and teachers to prepare for these key exams, and to support all children in achieving their full grade potential.

For enquiries: info@schoolexams.co.uk