Edexcel GCSE Maths June 2017 (P1 Higher Non-Calculator)

Video Solutions

Pearson Edexcel GCSE Maths Higher June 2017 (P1 Non-Calculator) contains video tutorials of all 21 questions and downloadable blank and fully completed exam papers allowing you to do your own mock exams at home including marking your own paper.

The format of the questions from 2017 onwards changed to provide a greater emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning. Students are required to memorise formulae as fewer formulae will be provided in examinations.

A new grading structure 9 to 1 will be used, where grade 9 is the highest grade for this examination. This is intended to be achieved by only the most capable of students and will be equivalent to the very top of the old A* grade.

When you are preparing for an examination like GCSE Mathematics it is essential that you work through past paper questions independently regardless of how well you think you understand a topic. It is only when you challenge yourself, in exam style conditions, that you can be really confident that your understanding is complete. Watching the videos that we have filmed for your benefit should act as a great aid to you in achieving your full potential.


I would like to stress the importance of including all workings in a clear and legible form. Method marks can only be awarded if the examiners can identify how solutions were derived. It is also so important to use full calculator accuracy throughout the question and only round the answer at the final stage. Do not attempt trial and error solutions as this approach will usually gain no marks.


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We acknowledge that this paper is the copyright of Pearson Education Limited.

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