11+ School Exams Maths 2019 Paper 2

Video Solutions

11+ School Exams Maths 2019 Paper 2 contains video tutorials of all 30 questions and downloadable blank and fully completed exam papers allowing you to do your own mock exams at home including marking your own paper.

The time allowed for 11+ exams can vary from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the school, and the number of questions can range from 20 to 30. Some papers allow the use of calculators, others do not.

For all papers, all methods and workings out need to be shown. They usually begin with some straightforward arithmetic questions, followed by the more complicated problems encouraging a willingness to think and problem solve.

I have designed these papers on the School Exams website to go straight into the more difficult questions, testing your ability to think and plan.

They also require you to use the skills and knowledge you should have achieved by the end of Key Stage 2. Some of these questions are quite challenging. Be careful to think and plan your method in order to solve them.

There are 30 questions in this paper. You should need about an hour to complete them.

Try all of them and go through the solutions I have provided.


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