How to deal with exam disappointment

Our children have many challenges to face as soon as they begin their academic careers at a young age, and as parents, we try to do our very best to help them prepare for exams so they can achieve their true potential. However, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan, and SATs, 11+ and even […]

Money saving tips for back-to-school

August Bank Holiday is just around the corner and that means just one thing … it’s almost time for the annual back-to-school panic. If you have one or more children heading to school in just a few short weeks, chances are you’re already feeling a little frazzled at the prospect. From the early mornings and […]

What to do if you can’t afford tutoring for your child’s GCSEs?

Did you know that around a quarter of UK pupils now have private tutoring at some point in their education? As the pressure to obtain high level GCSE marks to secure places at the top colleges grows, parents are increasingly turning to tutoring to supplement school work. But tutoring does come at a cost and […]

Why video tutorials are a great way to learn

When it comes to learning, there’s been numerous debates about the best way to absorb information. Cue cards, colour coded revision tools and group tutorials have all been at the forefront of education at some point or another in a bid to help students reach their potential and pass their exams. However over the last […]

How competitive are grammar school places?

Over the last few year grammar schools have received a lot of press attention, with the government initially backing a boost in places igniting a fierce debate. If you’re considering a grammar school for your child, competition to get the converted places is high. For the most elite grammar schools, you can expect multiple children […]

4 educational trips to plan for the summer holidays

For kids, the summer holidays are here, and they’ll no doubt be planning time to play. But keeping up education to some degree can give them a head start when they go back to school in September. For pupils that will be entering year 6 and taking the 11+ exam this year, continuing school work […]

4 Reasons to try online tuition for your child

We all want our children to achieve everything that they are capable of and to have every opportunity to continue their academic careers past the leaving school age, should they wish. But with colleges and universities cracking down on the grades that they’ll accept for course admission, you might feel that your child needs a […]

Support grows for teacher assessment

A new study has revealed that there is growing support for some exams to be replaced with teacher assessment instead. The research suggests that teacher assessments be used in favour of SATS and GCSEs as both cost a cost-saving and student welfare measure. Researchers writing in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry say that […]

School withdraws pupils from exams after poor mock performance

An academy in London has taken the surprising step of withdrawing several of its students from A-level exams following poor performance in mock exam tests. UCL Academy has defended its decision to withdraw certain students but has attracted criticism for its action. The academy told BBC News it had plans in place top support those […]

Majority of parents think exams impact mental health

A new survey of parents has found that the majority consider that exam stress negatively impacts the mental health of their children. The survey also found that many children have lost sleep or sought professional medical help as a result of exam stress. The survey was carried out by the online website, Mumsnet as exam […]