SMART Exam Revision For 11+, GCSE and SATs

SMART exam revision GCSE, SATs, 11+

Here at, we believe in working smarter. Simply spending more time studying does not necessarily equate to better exam results. Instead, our exam revision for 11+, GCSE and SATs exams focuses on studying the right thing. There are only so many hours in the day. How do you know what the right material is to […]

GCSE Foundation Maths: How To Achieve A Perfect 5

GCSE Maths foundation

If you’re taking GCSE foundation maths, you will be wondering how to achieve a perfect 5 on your exam. What is the best approach to study? Which questions are going to be the most challenging? Where are you weaknesses? Ofqual explains in their article on choosing the right tier: The reformed GCSE maths qualifications are […]

Can I Use EdExcel Instead of AQA Past Papers?

AQA Past Papers

This question comes up time and again: can I use EdExcel instead of AQA past papers to study for my AQA Maths Exam? Of course it’s a very natural question – you want to make sure you’re spending your revision time wisely! Thankfully, our expert tutor Patricia comes to the rescue again (as always!). She […]

GCSE Mathematics: Learning Through “Scaffolding”

GCSE Teacher helping students with revision

Developmental psychologists have identified ‘scaffolding’ as an excellent way to teach a child while building their confidence. And there’s no exam that requires more confidence than GCSE Mathematics! Scaffolding involves breaking a complex task down into smaller steps and supporting your child in mastering each of the smaller steps. In this way they experience success […]

GCSE Maths Online: 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Online

SMART exam revision GCSE, SATs, 11+

When you are starting your GCSE studies, you might wonder what the best way is to prepare for your exams. Should you hire a tutor or study for GCSE Maths online? Hiring a tutor is the traditional way to prepare for your exams (if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford one that is!). […]

GCSE Maths and English Exams: Teaching Your Child to Revise

Last week we looked at ways to help your child ace their GCSE Maths exam. This week we’re looking at how to teach your child to revise for the GCSE Maths Exam. “I have a whiteboard in my home office to use for work. My son would draw on it, and then he started practising […]

GCSE Maths: How to Help Your Child Ace Their Exam

GCSE Maths Results

Every parents wants to help their child do the best they can on their GCSE Maths exam. But how to actually go about doing that? Passing an exam requires knowledge, but it also requires skills such as the ability to revise efficiently, to manage time under pressure and to concentrate for long periods. You might […]

How We Are Solving Inequalities in Exam Tuition

GCSE Exam Tution

It is now reported that over a quarter of secondary school students get private tuition to help with exams and schoolwork. The BBC reports that “More than a quarter of secondary school pupils in England and Wales have received private tuition, according to research published by the Sutton Trust. The highest levels are in London […]

How to Create a Winning Homework Routine

Motivating your child to do their homework can be a challenge at the best of times, but as they get older and more independent, it can cause an all-out war even getting them to do the bare minimum. Therefore, we’ve created a few tips on how to create a winning homework routine to ensure that […]

4 more back to school buying tips on a budget

With the summer holidays coming to a close in just a few days, many parents are still dreading the back to school shopping trip. This annual stock piling of school supplies is often a cause of frustration and is almost guaranteed to blow a significant hole in your household budget. In order to keep stress […]