What are the Best Tips and Resources for Teaching Maths Online?

What are the Best Tips and Resources for Teaching Maths Online?

Recently SchoolExams.co.uk (delivered by SchoolOnline.co.uk) proudly sponsored Mr Barton Maths Podcast, with Craig Barton.

This episode featured an in depth discussion with Jo Morgan. The episode focused on the best tips and resources for teaching Maths online. Jo is an active member of the Maths teaching community and author of Resourceaholic site and blog.

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What is the Mr Barton Maths Podcast?

  • Well respected amongst the Maths teaching community.
  • Episodes feature Mr Barton, an experienced Maths teacher, interviewing guests from the world of education.
  • Celebrated for its insightful and rich commentary on a wide span of topics.
  • Past subjects have included theoretical insights into educational research through to discussions regarding parental engagement.
  • Many teachers also use this podcast for continuing professional development (CPD).


What was this episode of Mr Barton Maths Podcast about?

  • Mr Barton’s show this week featured an interesting conversation with Jo Morgan.
  • The episode looked at the best tips and resources for teaching Maths online.
  •  It covered a number of discussion points, including:
    • Jo’s journey with online teaching and resources
    • Favourite resources
    • How to create effective online teaching
    • The challenges teachers and educators face during this period of virtual learning
    • Jo additionally considers if there is anything that this experience has taught her and how she might utilise that in returning to the classroom


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Why is SchoolOnline.co.uk an Effective Resource for Teaching Maths Online?

  • SchoolOnline.co.uk is available at any time and on any device.
  • Our platform is an excellent resource to support GCSE students in preparing for their end of year assessments, in whatever form they may take, while also supporting KS2 students in preparing for their transition to secondary school.
  • Additionally SchoolOnline.co.uk has a range of excellent teacher tools:
    • Set assignments to whole classes or just to specific focus groups.
    • Teachers are able to therefore support those who might be struggling with a certain topic and also challenge those who might be more confident.
  • Moreover our ethos as a company is to ensure that we can level the playing field for all students, providing a high quality revision platform at a low cost, making it accessible to all.



To hear the full discussion between Craig and Jo about the best tips and resources for teaching Maths online, you can find the full podcast here. 

We thoroughly enjoyed sponsoring the podcast and listening to the interesting pedagogical discussions Craig and Jo engaged in. We also recommend another one of the podcast series that Craig hosts, called Inside Exams, where he works with examining body AQA to cover a host of queries regarding exam content, marking and exam technique.

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