GCSE Mathematics 2014 - Q1


At SchoolExams.co.uk we appreciate customer feedback. It's always good to know that what we are doing helps parents and students alike, whether it's helping someone understand something they have been struggling with or providing a confidence boost.

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Jacob - SchoolExams.co.uk Testimonial

Please see below a list of our favourite testimonials from a select few of our many happy customers.

  • Maths has never been my favourite subject, but the tutor in the tutorials explained everything really well, I now understand more about how it works and how I can use it in the future.
    Charlotte, Year 10
    5 out of 5 Rating
    My maths has improved a lot since I’ve been using SchoolExams. It’s good being able to mark my own answers and see where I went wrong – then be able to do it right next time.
    Sophie, Year 10
    5 out of 5 Rating
    I’ve been revising for my GCSE maths exams for a while now, but I couldn’t get my head around some of the topics. But since I’ve been using the practice papers and tutorials from School Exams, I’ve started to understand some of the things I was struggling with.
    Liam, Year 11
    5 out of 5 Rating
  • The School Exams sample papers are really easy to use and understand. The tutors explain everything really clearly, and have really helped me to build my confidence ahead of my GCSE maths exams in the summer – and helped me in class!
    Alfie, Year 11
    5 out of 5 Rating
    I was really confused by a lot of maths topics before I started doing the School Exams papers and tutorials. Working out areas and Pythagoras always left me stumped, but the revision tools have really helped me to understand the topics and have left me feeling ready for my exams.
    George, Year 10
    5 out of 5 Rating
    I was really worried about my English GCSE exams because I didn’t really know what to expect. The guides from School Exams have really helped me to understand what I’ll have to do in the exams, as well as teaching me things I didn’t know.
    Katie, Year 11
    5 out of 5 Rating
  • Exams have always scared me, but coming up to my GCSEs, I’ve been really worried about sitting the exams. The practical English guide has really helped to calm my nerves and guided me on where to revise.
    Thomas, Year 11
    5 out of 5 Rating
    English has always left me feeling confused, and knowing I’ve got to sit an exam soon has been really worrying me. The School Exams guides have settled my worries a bit, as I know what to expect now going into it.
    Zara, Year 10
    5 out of 5 Rating
    I feel so much happier about my GCSE English exams now. I know exactly how the questions will be structured and how to answer them to get the best marks.
    Emily, Year 10
    5 out of 5 Rating
  • The tutorials are really helpful because the tutor explains everything really well. And even when I’ve done something wrong, I can see why.
    Joshua, Year 6
    5 out of 5 Rating
    The videos are set out clearly so are really easy to understand, I watched them in my iPad. I feel really good about my SATs now and know that I’m prepared.
    Cora, Year 6
    5 out of 5 Rating
    The walkthroughs are super easy to follow and explain everything really well. Although there were a lot of things I already knew, the videos helped me to understand what I didn’t know and prepare me for the exams.
    Sophia, Year 6
    5 out of 5 Rating
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