KS2 Free Taster Course

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Welcome to Day 1 of your free taster course!

You’ve made a great decision by signing up for our taster course – start your child on their path to success in KS2 and as they progress to secondary school. 


English: Day 1

Today’s English tutorial is all about the critical skill of Identifying Key Ideas – a really important skill for Reading, and something that your child will use over and over again in any English Reading assessment or test.

To complete today’s English assignment, following these 3 steps:

  1. Watch the video, taking notes if necessary
  2. Take the reinforcement quiz to check your understanding
  3. Try the additional engagement activities to further boost your learning


1. Reading: Identifying Key Ideas

2. Identifying Key Ideas Quiz

Take the quiz to reinforce what you have just learned and put your new English reading skill into practice. 

3. Additional Activities

After completing the quiz, try some of our additional activities that further support your Micro Learning block of this key English reading skill. Just click on the image below to download the activity and accompanying answer.


Day 1: Finding Missing Numbers

Today in Maths, we’re focusing on the frequently asked questions about Finding Missing Numbers with Patricia. This is a topic  that your child will be tested on often. 

To complete the Maths assignment, just:

  1. Try the question for yourself first on a blank piece of paper, then click on the image to reveal the model answer
  2. Watch the tutorial video to ensure you fully understand the solution and workings
  3. Download the workbook of additional practice questions on the same topic for further retrieval practice


1. Try the question

First, ask your child to attempt the question below. Testing your child on a topic they have learned is critical to Retrieval Practice. Once they’ve tried the question, click on the image to see the answer.

2. Watch the tutorial

Play Video

3. Further Practice

Now that you’ve followed the video, why not practice some more Missing Number questions by downloading the practice workbook on the link below.