Great Breakfasts For Teens During Exam Season

Exam season is here again and if you have teens in the house, that means a few things – mornings will be busier than ever, your offspring will likely be more stressed and irritated and a great breakfast is crucial. Finding time to prepare a cooked breakfast each morning is unrealistic for most households but […]

Ofqual Releases New Exam Stress Guidance For Pupils

The exam regulator Ofqual has released new guidance for pupils to help them cope with the stress of exams as the summer exam season looms. The guidance says that ‘exam stress is not necessarily a bad thing’ – which seems to contradict some of the statement made by the chair of Ofqual, Roger Taylor in […]

Brain Food for Exams (That Children Will Actually Want to Eat!)

Boosting brain power just before exams or revisions sessions doesn’t just mean offering a plentiful supply of water or poached salmon, there are plenty of other ways that parents can help promote better health, concentration and keep their children away from the energy drinks and junk food that will do little to help them to […]

Top Tips for Creating a Study Schedule

Helping your child prepare for important exams isn’t just about nagging them to step away from their games consoles or buying as many study guides as you possibly can. Helping them to get organised makes the task of revision far less daunting and can help them gain confidence in the subjects they’ll be assessed for. […]

Healthy Habits to Prepare For the New School Year

The glorious summer days are getting very slightly shorter, there’s a hint of cooler days in the air, and you may even have seen an amber coloured leaf blowing across the ground. All of this can mean only one thing; summer is leaving us and autumn is on its way and with that comes a […]

How to Handle GCSE Results Day by Parenting Expert Sue Atkins

Parents worry about the stress their children go under around exams but are exams a good or bad thing for children in your opinion? Exams are a way to level the playing field, to see what children know – and that’s part of life. Exams can be stressful, but it’s important how parents handle them […]

What to Advise Your Child on the Day of the Exam

Exam season is here and children up and down the country are preparing to sit their tests. Whether your child is taking their SATs and it’s their first experience of exams or they’re sitting GCSEs to secure college places, it can be a stress-inducing time for them. But when they come to you looking for […]

What’s the Best Last Minute Support You can Give to Your Kids for Revision?

Exam time is almost upon us. And we say ‘us’, because as parents, we live through it with our children. If you’ve got secondary school age children we know how stressful the atmosphere will be in your household right now. And although nothing can stop these stress levels from rising, there are steps you can […]

How to Help Your Child with Pressure and Stress

Exam season may only just have arrived but it has already been riddled with controversy about the pressure being put on children with changes to testing. Some have dismissed the impact of testing but a new study commissioned by the BBC has found that nearly 90% of 10-11 year olds feel the pressure of exams. […]

Are Exams Putting Too Much Stress on Children Too Early?

From the second a child enters the education system it seems that they are tested non stop until they leave. From regular in-class exams to SAT’s, GCSE’s, A-levels and everything in between – the pressure is on for children to succeed now more than ever. This is something that has been highlighted by The Guardian […]