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A Parent’s Guide to Results Day

August 12, 2016

Frantic phone calls, an accelerated heart rate, sweaty palms – results day can be truly nerve-wracking and it’s no walk in the park for your 18-year-old either. You will have been there for them through GCSE results day but A-levels …

Choosing GCSE Subjects

June 20, 2016

As the end of term gets ever closer there are some important decisions to be made for pupils of all ages. Sixth formers will have to decide about university, year elevens will have to decide between sixth form or college …

Are A-Levels Easier Now?

April 19, 2016

With only a few months of the school year left and 16-18 year olds frantically studying for A-level examinations – it seems like a good time to ask whether a-levels are becoming easier. A YouGov poll in 2013 found that …

The Forgotten Pressures of Exams

February 22, 2016

Testing is a major factor in British schools, with exams starting in primary school and continuing through to leaving age. They put a huge amount of pressure on pupils to perform but are arguably the key factor used to measure …