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Edexcel GCSE Maths Nov 2014 A (P2 Higher Calculator)


Pearson Edexcel GCSE Maths Nov Higher 2014 A (P2 Calculator) contains video tutorials of all 23 questions and downloadable blank and fully completed exam papers allowing you to do your own mock exams at home including marking your own paper.

For those students who are taking their GCSE in the summer of 2017 and beyond, they need to be aware that the syllabus has changed and a few extra topics have been added. There will be sample worked papers available on this web site soon. However, the format of the questions from 2017 onwards will remain very similar to the questions in previous GCSE papers.

When you are preparing for an examination like GCSE Mathematics it is essential that you work through past paper questions independently regardless of how well you think you understand a topic. It is only when you challenge yourself, in exam style conditions, that you can be really confident that your understanding is complete. Watching the videos that we have filmed for your benefit should act as a great aid to you in achieving your full potential.


The examiners, in their report of this examination, stressed the importance for the inclusion of all workings in a clear and legible form. Method marks can only be awarded if the examiners can identify how solutions were derived. They also stressed the importance of using full calculator accuracy throughout the question and only rounding the answer at the final stage. Do not attempt trial and error solutions unless told to do so as this approach will gain no marks.

The following table illustrates the grade boundaries for this exam. These can vary from year to year but usually not by very much.

Mathematics A (Higher Papers 1H and 2H) 1MA0



Questions 23
Papers 1
Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Skill Level GCSE
Language English


Qu 1
Direct Proportion
Qu 2
Scatter Graph
Qu 3
Qu 4
Qu 5
Qu 6
Currency Conversion
Qu 7
Qu 8
Frequency Polygon
Qu 9
Qu 10
Trial and Improvement
Qu 11
Circle Problem
Qu 12
Straight Line Graph
Qu 13
Qu 14
Compound Interest
Qu 15
Money Problem
Qu 16
Triangle Problem
Qu 17
Circle Theorems
Qu 18
Mean and Histogram
Qu 19
Tree Diagram
Qu 20
Quadratic Equation
Qu 21
Qu 22
Algebra - Advanced
Qu 23
Average Speed
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Question 1

Direct Proportion
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