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This is Patricia. She’ll be marking GCSE Maths papers this summer. She knows exactly how to get full marks on each question (and how to avoid last year’s common mistakes!).

The sample papers are really easy to use and understand. The tutors explain everything really clearly and have really helped me to build my confidence ahead of my GCSE maths exams in the summer – and really helped me in class!

Year 11 Student

I was really confused by a lot of maths topics before I started doing the papers and tutorials. Working out areas and Pythagoras always left me stumped, but the revision tools have really helped me to understand what I’ll have to do in the exams, as well as teaching me things I didn’t know.

Year 11 Student

I needed a 5 in Maths to get onto my college course but was heading for a 3. With the help of and its visual learning, I gained confidence in many key areas and achieved the grade I needed!

Year 11 Student

The Right Curriculum Content

Our maths exam experts have categorised every single question by topic and sub-topic.

So you can study only what you need help with, just like you would with a private tutor.

See for yourself how you can use our powerful topic-based past paper video tutorials to master your GCSE exam.

Topic: Graphs

Sub-Topic: Harder Graphs

Sub Topic



Harder Graphs

Sample B – Paper 2 – Higher

Harder Graphs

2017 June – Paper 2 – Higher

Harder Graphs

2014 Nov – Paper 1 – Higher

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When you are preparing for an examination like GCSE Mathematics it is essential that you work through past paper questions independently regardless of how well you think you understand a topic. Download the blank Edexcel GCSE Maths Past Papers.

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