The Children's Hospital School Teenage Cancer Trust Golf 4 Life is proud to provide complimentary use of all our material to all patients at The Children's School at Great Ormand Street Hospital, and to all those being treated at any of the Teenage Cancer Trust units. aims to provide much needed academic support in these core subjects not only to all those patients currently receiving treatment, but also to those who have been discharged. We recognise how difficult it is to keep on top of schoolwork both during, and after, their illness. also understands how such illnesses can affect the entire family, and we have extended our offer of complimentary access to allow all siblings of those patients to benefit too. is also proud to support all Golfing4Life players studying for GCSE Maths & English. appreciates how crucial time management is for an elite sportsman. Our website will allow free access to their players, so that they can prepare in their own time and will provide an important alternative to the classroom.

Now they will all be able to access unique online material at their own convenience, from their smartphones, tablets or desktops. Never before will educational support have been so accessible!

School Exams